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Rollerball Perfume Mystery Box!

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  • Rollerball Perfume Mystery Box!

We select 5 of our fandom-inspired fragrances in our original clear glass 4ml rollerballs for a small mystery box or 12 of them for a large! What you get is a surprise, but at this price, it's a great way to discover a new favorite or stock up for gifting--even if you don't love it, we bet you know someone who will!

Made with an isopropyl myristate base and a fragrance oil blend for a luxurious and reliable experience, with a secure cap and rollerball that delivers just the right amount! Each of these is labeled by hand, so no two bottles are 100% identical in appearance.

Ingredients: isopropyl myristate and fragrance oil blend

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are very welcome to specify in the comments field at checkout if there's a bottle you're hoping to see in your box, or if there's a scent category (i.e. fruity, floral, herbaceous, musk, ocean, woody, vanilla, etc) or fandom(s) you'd prefer to see favored. We can't guarantee being able to accommodate such requests, but we will do our best to try!